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Our company specializes in the production and sales of various types of glass grinding wheel: diamond wheel, resin wheel, polishing wheel, except the film wheel;Bilateral machine grinding wheel, unilateral machine grinding wheel, bevelled machine grinding wheel, special-shaped machine grinding wheel, four-sided machine grinding wheel;Glass bit: electroplated bit, sintered bit, threaded bit, glass milling cutter;Cutting tools: glass knife, t-type push knife, glass ruler, glass pliers, glass slices;Simple equipment: portable film remover, portable polishing machine, portable cutting machine, portable edge grinder, simple drilling machine;Carrying tools: glass hanging clip, glass suction cup, cork gasket, gloves, wrist guard, protective clothing;Mechanical parts: aluminum seat, aluminum plate, pressure plate, chain, waterproof cover, wheel, motor;Photoelectric material: all kinds of high precision cerium oxide polishing powder, polishing leather, scratch repair tools.
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Spacious and bright office, professional sales and after-sales service team
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Advanced production and processing equipment, clean and tidy production workshop
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Clean and tidy warehouse environment, efficient 5S management mode